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The D-TAR range has an amazing pedigree - it stands for Duncan Turner Acoustic Research. It was founded by Seymour Duncan - the world's largest pickup manufacturer - and Rick Turner - the founder of Alembic basses and Highlander pickups.

I usually stock the D-TAR Solstice, my favourite twin-channel acoustic guitar preamp, and can get the rest of the range to special order.

Please feel free to contact me if you're looking for something special!

** Sadly the D-TAR Solstice has been discontinued - I'll be updating this page shortly. **

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  D-TAR Solstice

D-TAR Solstice

Two-channel preamp mixer for acoustic guitar pickups/mics - UK spec

The D-TAR Solstice is a high quality two channel preamp mixer that blends virtually any type of sound source. It can handle two pickups from one instrument, or two separate instruments if you want to plug different guitars into the two channels. Like many blending preamps, it has the standard 3 bands of EQ, phase switches on each channel, TRS inserts to handle stereo cables, an effects loop, and a tuner send. But what sets the D-TAR unit apart is that it takes up to four simultaneous inputs, including two XLR ins (each with phantom power), and it even features individual channel outs.

The low-noise hybrid circuitry and internally adjustable gain from 0 to 24db make it suitable for both live and studio use. The Solstice is the perfect solution for musicians looking to live-mix up to four sources such as piezo pickups, magnetic pickups, standard mics, and high output condenser mics.

1/4" and XLR inputs on each channel. Allows either a microphone or pickup input on either channel.
Balanced XLR mic input with true gain control for optimum headroom and lowest noise. Utilizes discrete hybrid circuitry as in high end mixing consoles.
Full 3 way level / clip indicator. Helps set optimum gain for best headroom and signal to noise ratio.
Phase reverse switch. Helps control acoustic feedback.
Channel effects loop with send and return jacks. Can be used as independent signal output or as insertion point for external signal.
Mute switch. Allows complete shut off of rig.
Tuner output (unaffected by mute switch). Allows quiet tuning.
Stereo input jack. Allows access to both channels with one stereo cable.
External wall mount power supply - UK transformer and plug. Allows AC operation.
High quality components. Extremely low noise and distortion, audiophile quality sound.

Two Channel Preamp
+15 volt phantom power
Two Ultra-High impedance 10 Meg Ohm stereo 1/4" input jacks
Two XLR input jacks with 40dB of gain and switchable 20dB pad

Main XLR output
Two post EQ balanced XLR outputs
Single-ended buffered output with very low output impedance
Master Effects signal output (line level)
Two 1/4" stereo insertion points
Tuner / auxiliary output

EQ Frequencies
Bass - 155Hz / .61Q
Midrange - 796Hz / .56Q
Treble - 10KHz / .37Q

8.5" wide x 6.5" deep x 2.7" high
Weight 2.9 lbs.

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D-TAR Solstice

D-TAR Solstice