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I'm a great fan of K&K acoustic instrument pickups and preamps. Since 1984, K&K Sound has manufactured top-quality pickups, microphones, and preamps for a wide range of instruments, including acoustic guitar, archtop/jazz guitar, resonator guitar, upright/double bass, banjo, mandolin, saxophone, flute, piano, harp, violin, cello, accordion, harmonica, and more. K&K has won many awards for its products, and regularly receives favourable comments in the guitar forums and other media.

I keep most of the more popular models in stock, and the complete range is available to special order. Special order items can be ordered using the 'Add to Basket - Special Order' buttons - please allow about 15 working days for delivery.

I am also happy to fit your pickups if you prefer to acquire them directly.

Please feel free to contact me if you're looking for something special!

** K&K Sound are currently switching over to a new logo, but will continue to supply some models with the old logo for some months. All our stock is guaranteed to be the latest specification regardless of the packaging. **

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