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Sunrise pickups are built entirely by Jim Kaufman in the USA. There is a limited production run, with a maximum total of 500 units sold annually. The Sunrise pickup has earned the respect of professional players on stage and in the studio for over 25 years, and has proved well suited to a wide range of musical styles. As used by Keith Richard, Richard Thompson, Emmy Lou Harris, Lyle Lovett, Leo Kottke, Jackson Browne, Ry Cooder ..... the list goes on and on. It has proven itself as a reliable, tough, professional unit. This pickup represents the ultimate in the uncompromising search for a truly acoustic guitar sound capable of high sound pressure levels.

I often get enquries about combining the Sunrise with other transducer or onboard mike systems. Please feel free to contact me if you're looking for something special!

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  Sunrise S-1 pickup

Sunrise S-2 pickup

Sunrise pickup installation kit

Sunrise S-B1 preamp

Sunrise S-B2 preamp

Sunrise S-1 and S-2 pickup

The Sunrise Pickup mounts securely in the soundhole, and will fit into 4 1/4" to 3 1/2" diameter soundholes. Sunrise Pickups work equally well for 6 and 12 string guitars, right or left-handed.

All Sunrise Pickups have the unique design feature that allows the pickup to couple and sense the body resonance and top of the guitar its mounted in, and still maintain a 116dB feedback threshold. The string volumes can be set with 6 adjustable polepieces. The pickups have an injection moulded black ABS composite housing sealed in epoxy, and are completely shielded from RF and hum.

The standard Sunrise S-1 model is supplied with a bare-ended 8" wire for internal installation.

The S-1LW has a 24" bare-ended wire, and is suitable either for internal installation, or can be connected to an inline female jack socket if you don't want to use an endpin jack.

The Sunrise S-2 is exactly the same pickup, but includes an installation kit, comprising:

Endpin Jack
High quality in-line mini connectors
Ultra low noise cable
Plastic hold down clips

The S-2PW includes the installation kit, but is pre-wired and ready to go.

I don't usually keep all versions in stock - to be honest, it's usually a matter of what I can get, as they are nearly always back-ordered. Let me know if you want to discuss your requirements.

Installation kits are also available separately if required. The Sunrise kit is getting extremely expensive if bought separately, so I also offer a UK-sourced version. This uses a Switchcraft stereo endpin jack, Neutrik gold-plated mini-connectors and vanDamme ultra low noise silver-plated oxgyen-free copper cable.

S-1 (bare 8" wire)

S-1LW (bare long 24" wire)

S-2 (with installation kit)

S-2PW (with pre-wired installation kit)

Sunrise pickup installation kit

Installation kit for Sunrise pickups

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Sunrise S-2 pickup

Sunrise S-1 pickup Sunrise S-1 pickup

Sunrise S-1

Sunrise S-1 pickup Sunrise S-1 pickup

Sunrise S-2

Sunrise S-2 pickup Sunrise S-2 pickup

Sunrise S-B1 and S-B2 preamps

The Sunrise Pickup needs to be matched to a high-quality pre-amp or active DI box. Users on the guitar forums report excellent results with a range of units including the BSS A-133, the Ultrasound DI-Plus, and the Baggs Venue DI or Para DI. However, for closest matching there are the Sunrise SB-1 and SB-2 preamps.

The Sunrise Preamp Buffer Box is a line matching device designed specifically to access the coupling feature built into Sunrise Pickups. They provide the pickup signal with 12dB of gain, high resolution, and impedance matching capabilities. The active 18 volt Bi-Polar powered circuit eliminates pickup loading and line loss due to long cable runs, and also delivers up to 4 years of battery life with 2) 9 volt Eveready Alkaline batteries.

The S-B1 is a mono version, although it has two 1/4" parallel output jacks (Sunrise and Aux) which allow the same signal to be sent to two separate sources.

The S-B2 is a stereo version, and is designed to preamp the Sunrise Pickup along with a piezo pickup with each signal being sent through its own preamp circuit, and then to the outputs (Sunrise and Aux) with the piezo signal sent to Aux.

The S-B1 and S-B2 produce the widest frequency response possible from a battery powered preamp, and allows the Sunrise Pickup to operate at its full design capabilities.


Input impedance: 1 megohm
Maximum output level: +15Dbv.
Frequency response: 10-40kHz + or - 3dB
Battery consumption: 150 microamps
Dimensions: 4 5/8" X 2 5/8" X 1 3/16"



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Sunrise S-B1

Sunrise S-B1 preamp

Sunrise S-B2

Sunrise S-B2 preamp