Martin 00-28C - Brazilian rosewood, 1967

Most Martins built since the 1920s are steel-string, but they have continued to make high-end guitars for gut or nylon string. This Brazilian rosewood 00-28C dates from 1967 and has had one owner since 1970. This model was popular during the folk boom and still has many uses. As well as classical-style playing it's ideal if you want to emulate Jerry Reed, Charlie Byrd or Willie Nelson - although it lacks the extra soundhole of Nelson's 'Trigger'...

Spruce top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard and bridge, original Grover tuners. With non-original and slightly over-sized fitted case in fair condition: some tears in the vinyl covering and one catch is broken.

This guitar is in very good condition - it's had a recent setup, and the frets and fingerboard are in excellent condition. Fitted with new d'Addario EJ45 normal tension strings (after the pictures were taken). The action is about standard for a nylon-string guitar, although there's plenty of height left on the original saddle if you prefer a lower action.

As to be expected, it's had a few dings - there are a couple of dents on the back of the neck under the 8th fret and one on the back - and there is some crazing of the lacquer on the top between bridge and tailblock. But there are no cracks and overall it's in excellent condition. The tuners work OK but are somewhat stiff and squeaky, and one of the original aluminium barrels has been replaced by a plastic one. If I were keeping this guitar I'd probably replace them and keep the originals in the case.

Taken together, this is an excellent player at a very affordable price for a Brazilian Rosewood guitar.

£2750 ono