Tor-Tis pickguards

Tor-Tis pickguards were developed by the world-renowned luthier John Greven. Greven's Tor-Tis faux tortoise shell is not only strikingly attractive, it's highly durable and provides a sound and feel nearly identical to the real thing. Impact and scratch resistant, it will not shrink or crack. The precast pickguards come with an elegant radiused edge so that they appear to have been 'finished in.'

Greven pickguards are individually created using a resin casting technique; actual appearance can differ considerably from the stock photos shown here. Contact us if you want a pic of the actual guard(s) in stock. Because they are semi-transparent, colouration will change slightly when mounted on a guitar.

We keep a wide range of popular sizes and styles, and can make custom guards to order.

Most standard Martin shapes are available, as are the Gibson SJ-200, the 1950s-size J-45/J-50 and the L-00, which look great in a 'prewar firestripe' style. Blank sheet is also available. Click on the tiles below for more details.

Check out our pickguard templates and adhesives pages for more information about sizes.