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Pure Mini + Pre-Phase Miniature Preamp

Pure Mini + Pre-Phase Miniature Preamp
Pure Mini + Pre-Phase Miniature Preamp

This pickup is winning a lot of friends on the acoustic guitar forums, and it's certainly my most popular bridgeplate transducer. The Pure Mini (previously called the Pure Western Mini) is the transducer system which K&K recommends for most steel-string acoustics. (Exceptions are 12-string guitars and other guitars with heavy spruce tops and maple bridge plates - for which the Pure 12-string is recommended.) It features absolutely balanced and linear sound transmission all over the guitar's frequency spectrum.

Three special Pure surface transducers are attached to the bridge plate, just in front of the brige pin holes. They transmit a significant portion of the soundboard because they are not as close to the strings as an under-saddle pickup. Each of the three transducers is designed to pick up a specific string pair, but also "listens" to the adjacent area around the bridge. The Pure pickups are not under pressure and therefore do not sound percussive or harsh. The Pure System reproduces all strings nicely balanced, a known problem with under-saddle pickups.

The Pure Mini + Pre-Phase combines a Pure pickup with the Pre-Phase Miniature Preamp.

The Pre-Phase provides truly astonishing sound quality. The signal path is very direct and K&K use only close tolerance grade A components. This means no loss of harmonics. The addition of the phase switch is one of the most important tools for live sound amplification of any acoustic instrument.

The light weight of the Pre-Phase will not affect the acoustic tone of your instrument, and the battery life is 500+ hours, which equals about 1 year on average use.

The volume control wheel allows for convenient adjustment during performance. With the Pre-Phase you should be able to plug your acoustic guitar into any amp or PA directly. Simply use the EQ on the amp or Mixer channel to adjust your tone. Note that we usually mount it further under the soundhole edge than shown in the pic.

Pure Mini + Pre-Phase Miniature Preamp
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