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Meridian Preamp

Meridian Preamp

Meridian Preamp for use with K&K's unidirectional external clip-on guitar microphone system, or similar 5-9v microphones.

The phantom powered Meridian Microphone Preamp (sold separately in this listing) features a unique mid frequency control system that lets you dial-in a studio quality acoustic guitar tone while holding feedback at bay.

Connect the Meridian Mic to the preamp's Mic In and use an XLR microphone cable to connect the preamp's OUT to an XLR input of a PA or amp. The preamp works on phantom power via the XLR output, or with a suitable 12 volt DC power supply (100mA, DC connector centre plus).

Technical Information (Meridian Microphone Preamp):

  • Input: ¼ mono with 5 volt DC lavalier mic power supply
  • Output: XLR active balanced
  • Midrange control: +/-20 dB - super wide band Q
  • Power requirements: 12-48 Volt phantom power or 12 volt DC 100mA
Meridian Preamp
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