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Ultra Pure Preamp

Ultra Pure Preamp
Ultra Pure Preamp
Ultra Pure Preamp
Ultra Pure Preamp
(RCA connectors and input cable not shown)

K&K's Ultra Pure onboard active preamp has been designed in response to customer feedback. The UltraPure Preamp features +/-20 db bass/low, K&&K's proprietary wide band midrange, and treble/high controls, plus internal gain trimmer. The addition of a phase switch is one of the most important tools for live sound amplification. The system also includes a volume control and low battery indicator.

The installation kit includes:
RCA inline phono plug to connect to your existing transducer system
Input cable: RCA female inline onnector to mini-jack
Output cable: mini jack to Switchcraft endpin jack socket
Battery lead and battery bag (9v battery not supplied)
Adhesive velcro strips to attach the battery bag and inline RCA connectors to your instrument
Cable clips
Allen key

Installing the preamp requires no alteration to your instrument. The preamp is mounted inside the guitar at the edge of the soundhole, giving you convenient access to the controls during performance.

The Ultra Pure Preamp is also available as a complete system with K&K Pure Mini, Pure Classic or Pure 12-String transducers.

Ultra Pure Preamp