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The Gigpro is a single-channel universal preamp. Although designed for acoustic guitar pickups, it can be used with just about any instrument that has a pickup. It also provides 9V phantom power for mini-mics and other phantom powered onboard electronics.

The circuitry is generally modelled after the more sophisticated (and expensive!) Para Acoustic DI, and the sound from this preamp is as good as many floor-bound preamps. L.R Baggs has trimmed the features down to the bare essentials, but you'll find everything you need to get the best sound possible from your pickup. The EQ, for example, has only two bands plus a variable low cut but you will find it very intuitive to use. The Gigpro also include a gain knob and phase inversion.

This is one of the best sounding, easiest to use, most effective and quietest small preamps on the market.


  • Adjustable Gain (up to 33dB)
  • Allows the best performance and lowest noise with a variety of input sources, including low output pickups
  • 2 Band EQ
  • Treble used to add or subtract the highest frequencies or presence'
  • Bass used to add or subtract the lower frequencies, add "warmth" or to cut feedback
  • Trim Control is a movable 12dB/octave low cut filter that is adjustable from 27Hz to 200Hz
  • Low Current Consumption provides 300+ hours of play time on a single 9V battery
  • Phantom Power is available for use with most mini-microphones
  • 100% Discrete all Class A Circuitry
  • Phase Inversion for feedback control and optimum recording mix
  • Input and Output Jacks
  • Battery Status LED remains on at all times when the unit is plugged in - as the battery weakens the LED dims
  • Super Quiet! -90dB Signal-to-Noise Ratio