Tools, Supplies & Techniques

Here's a page of links to guitar forums I've found useful and interesting. I'll be adding to the list from time to time.

Axminster Tools Wide range of tools at competitive prices. Excellent delivery service.
Blues Creek Guitars John F. Hall, Jr.'s website, specialising in guitarmaking kits, tools and moulds. Very helpful and good prices.
David Dyke Luthiers' Supplies An essential resource for the maker and restorer, which I've used for 25 years.
DePaule Supply Company US supplier of quality shell products for instrument makers.
Eatons Seashells Competitively priced UK source of best quality, flat mother of pearl for inlay work and restoration.
Fiddes Wood Finishing Products High quality wood finishing products. Based in Cardiff.
Frets.com Frank Ford's website. No contest - this is the most informative website on repair and restoration techniques in the world. Lots of info about specialist tools.
Luthier's Mercantile Good US site for luthiers' supplies.
Project Guitar.com Useful tips and techniques, and galleries of some really extraordinary work. All in the best possible taste ...
Small Wonder Music Company UK specialists in inlay work and tools.
Stewart-MacDonald Wide range of specialist tools and materials for luthiers. Very helpful, speedy delivery.
Touchstone Tonewoods Very reliable supplier - been in the business for more than a quarter-century.

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