Repairs & restoration

Some of my customers contact us through this web page, although most of my work is via word of mouth and repeat business. I have worked for some of my customers for over 25 years.

Since every job is different, feel free to discuss your requirements, without obligation. Please remember that I usually need to see an instrument before providing a detailed quotation. Once a job has been taken on, I will always contact you if any problems emerge, or it becomes apparent that additional work is needed

I undertake a full range of repair and upgrade work on guitars and other fretted instruments, including:

  • Full and partial setups
  • Full and partial refrets
  • Fret reprofiling and polishing
  • Replacement nuts and saddles
  • Rebinding
  • Replacing pickups, machine heads and other fittings
  • Routing for replacement pickups
  • Rewiring
  • Transducer installation
  • Inlay work
  • Neck resets
  • Gluing/cleating top, side and back cracks
  • Broken headstocks and other structural damage
  • Repairing minor dings and scratches
  • Refinishing

I always try to repair instruments sympathetically and use traditional techniques wherever possible. For example, hot hide glue has always been preferred for guitar-making. It doesn't stain pale woods, and can easily be disassembled by gentle heat - it's ideal for jobs like neck resets on high-end acoustics.

See the price guide page for further information.

1954 Gibson LG1 - replacing the back

1954 Gibson LG1 - refret

Parlour guitar - replacing split bridge

Parlour guitar - finished job

1937 Epiphone Triumph - restored inlay
Fitting Deep River 1940s style pickguard