Sorry, but we are not taking on full instrument resprays at present, pending the development of new spraying facilities. We are however still undertaking some restoration projects which involve major or minor refinishing work.


Refinishing has been a speciality of mine since the early 1980s, when a growing number of people began to want their instruments built or restored to 'vintage specifications'.

As well as full resprays, I also undertake minor or partial refinishing. Whilst it is often impossible to achieve completely invisible repairs, especially on translucent or tinted finishes, it is amazing what can be achieved.

I only use nitro-cellulose, the traditional product for finishing high quality fretted instruments. Though slower to apply than urethane and other modern finishes, it provides a very attractive 'soft gloss', and ages gracefully. Please remember that refinishing is labour-intensive and takes time - 6-8 weeks is needed on average to achieve 'factory like finish'.

The galleries and projects pages showcase my refinishing work.

Please contact us if your guitar has a developing problem or needs a healthcheck.

1969 Gibson 335

Daphne Blue Strat '62 style

1963 Fender Jaguar - remnants of original paint in cavities

1963 Fender Jaguar - ready for spraying

1963 Fender Jaguar - Lake Placid Blue

1965 Fender Jaguar

1965 Fender Jaguar

Leftie 1969 Gibson 335

Hohner Black Beauty