Projects: Hayman 4040 bass

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The neck of this Hayman was in reasonable shape, and just needed a clean and some reprofiling and repolishing of the frets. The body, however, was in very poor condition; numerous dings had to be addressed before commencing a full refinish. Although these originally had a polyester lacquer, this was done in vintage nitrocellulose.

The electrics also needed a thorough overhaul. The pots could be salvaged with some switch cleaner, but I had to source a replacement switch. And neither of the pickups was working properly. Although the pickup assembly is extremely robust, the actual coil wirings are pretty fragile, and it turned out that only half of each pickup was working. Rather than get the duff coils rewound I was able to cannibalise a spare set, so all turned out very well.

When these first appeared they were very well regarded. They sounded a lot better than some of the other basses available in the UK at the time, and still have a devoted following. Interestingly, they are now beginning to be appreciated in the US and in Europe as well.