Alan Ginsberg uillean pipes

3/4 Set of Uillean Pipes in D by Alan Ginsberg.

A three-quarter set of pipes in ebony, with brass fittings and mounted in imitation ivory.

The concert pitch chanter has 4 keys, playing C natural, B flat, G sharp and F natural. (This F natural key is a "wrap round" design - the operating lever is easily accessible for playing passing notes at speed.) Bass, baritone and tenor drones, also baritone and tenor regulators. Staunch hardwood and leather bellows. The bag is of rubberised composite, as favoured by Paddy Keenan.

Robust hard plastic carrying case.

YouTube video sample of these pipes: "The Humours of Ennistymon"


Alan Ginsberg uillean pipes

Alan Ginsberg uillean pipes