Grover® tuners have been fitted to thousands of instruments since they first went into production in the late nineteenth century. They are ideal for returning a US-made guitar to its original condition, and will also fit many Far Eastern instruments. Just the job if the budget won't stretch to Waverlys!

The range is very large, and we can supply them all to order, but keep the Sta-Tite range in stock. There are three ranges. The budget 98 version is best avoided. The 97 range are the original Grover® Sta-Tite machine heads. A 14:1 gear ratio provides precise tuning. The 97-18 range is similar, but is a more modern version with an 18:1 ratio for finer tuning. Screws and bushings are included with all versions. We have the solid headstock (V=Vertical) versions and can get the slotted headstock ones to order.