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Quantum Blender Preamp

Quantum Blender Preamp
Quantum Blender Preamp
Quantum Blender Preamp

The Quantum Blender is a two-channel preamp/mixer but this unit goes one step further. Two fully independent channels feature special tailored powerful 3-band EQ, phase reverse switches, gain and volume controls. Mixed output options in both active-balanced and 1/4" line-level format, individual outputs, stereo and mono inputs, and effect loop. Channel one is switchable from mic to pickup impedance. All this, plus K&K's ultra low noise circuitry.

The Quantum Blender allows for mixing a piezo transducer with a microphone, magnetic pickup or another piezo pickup. It can be used with any "2 wire" powered lavalier type condenser mic or with a piezo or magnetic pickup. With an appropriate microphone impedance matching transformer a dynamic mic can be used as well. Channel 2 is designed with K&K's Trinity System or Pure Pickup in mind, but it works well with all types of piezo transducers.

Gain: The 2 gain controls allow for adjusting the input sensitivity of each channel. Here you can set the sensitivity of each channel to fit different pickups, microphones or transducers.

Inputs: Stereo 1/4" line input · 2 individual mono 1/4" line inputs

Outputs: Balanced XLR Mix out (carries both channels) · Line level 1/4" Mix out (carries both channels) · Individual 1/4" line outputs of channel 1 and 2

Effect Loop: The effect loop allows for connecting to an effect unit (like reverb) via a special 1/4" stereo cable with a stereo plug on one side and 2 mono 1/4 plugs on the other.

Technical Data

EQ Frequencies Channel 1: - Bass : 100 Hz (high pass filter) +/- 18 dB - Midrange : 1500 Hz (band pass filter) +/- 12dB - Treble : 8000 Hz (low pass filter) +/- 18 dB

EQ Frequencies Channel 2: - Bass : 100 Hz (high pass filter) +/- 15 dB - Midrange : 1500 Hz (band pass filter) +/- 18dB - Treble : 10 000 Hz (low pass filter) +/- 15 dB

Frequency Response: - Channel 1: 10Hz to 35KHz. - Channel 2: 10Hz to 35KHz.

Distortion: Less than 0.005% @ 1KHz Signal to noise ratio: - 85dB - A weighted, referred to nominal - 20dBV input

Input Impedance: - Channel 1 pickup: 1 Meg Ohms. - Channel 1 mic: 3 Kilo Ohms. - Channel 2 transducer: 1 Meg Ohms.

Mic Power: 9volt DC max Power source: 12 volt DC - 700 milli amp minimum- automatic polarizing

Quantum Blender Preamp
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