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Aloha Twin

Aloha Twin
Aloha Twin

The K&K Aloha Twin is an internal double-sensor pickup specially designed for the ukulele. It is based on the same technology as K&K's award-winning Pure Mini and Pure Classic acoustic guitar pickups.

The twin-head system has distinctive advantages towards the single-head transducer. The positioning at 2 spots results in a more balanced sound structure. This makes it a good option for ukes because each transducer can be mounted between a pair of strings - ideally under the line of the saddle or slightly forward of it. The frequency range is also broader than a single-transducer system. The small heads with only 1/2" diameters allow an unobtrusive installation. In addition, small areas at the instrument can be reached.

The Aloha Twin comes with an endpin jack for internal mount. No soldering is necessary.

The Aloha Twin can be installed two ways:

  • With the supplied double-sided adhesive tape in front of the bridge plate (or bridge, if no bridge plate is present) on the inside sound board.
  • With superglue on a flat bridge plate (or directly under the bridge, if no bridge plate is present). Please note that the bridge plate must be completely flat - it will not work if the bridge plate is radiused, which means it is curved up, e.g. Mele Ukuleles.

Either way, this pickup system has a strong output signal and works nicely even without a preamp. Please keep in mind when playing without a preamp, the result depends somewhat on the quality and type of the amplification equipment. For more tone control, the external K&K Pure Preamp (which I also sell) would be a great choice with its clean musical EQ and small size.

Technical Information:

  • Pickup Head diameter: 1/2"
  • Pickup Height: 1/32"
  • Impedance: High ohmic
Aloha Twin