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Big Island Spot

Big Island Spot
Big Island Spot

The Big Island Spot is an internal single-head pickup designed for the ukulele. Installation is quick and easy. The pickup has a strong output signal and works well even without a preamp.

Please keep in mind when playing without a preamp, the result depends somewhat on the quality and type of the amplification equipment. For more tone control, the external K&K Pure Preamp would be a great choice with its clean musical EQ and small size. Be prepared to cut some treble on your amp or preamp with this pickup to achieve the best possible tone.

The Big Island Spot comes with an endpin jack for internal mount. The jack can be mounted from the outside so no soldering is necessary.

Technical Information:

  • Pickup Head diameter: 3/4"
  • Pickup Height: 1/32"
  • Impedance: High ohmic
Big Island Spot