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Venue DI

Venue DI
Venue DI
Venue DI
Venue DI
Venue DI
Venue DI

The Venue DI moves the Para DI concept to a new level. It's a preamp, EQ, electronic tuner and direct box all housed in a rugged floor box, perfect for all acoustic instruments. Features include 5-band EQ with tuneable low and high mid controls (aka twin parametrics), 100% discrete Class A circuitry for quiet sound, adjustable gain, Garret Null notch filter, phase inversion, an easy to use footswitch activated chromatic tuner, foot switch activated solo volume boost with output level control, series effects loop and more. Runs on 9V battery or 9V adaptor plug (not included). All the essentials in one very well designed package. Comes with a neat carrying case.



  • Bass Control
  • Parametric Low Midrange Controls
  • Parametric Hi Midrange Controls
  • Presence
  • Treble
  • Notch (Garrett Null anti-feedback notch filter)
  • Clip Meter
  • Gain
  • Phase
  • Battery Check
  • Tuner
  • Volume
Foot Switches
  • Mute/Tune
  • Boost (0-9dB)
Rear and Side>
  • 1/4" unbalanced Mono Input with on/off switch
  • EFX Send
  • EFX Return
  • Boost Level
  • D.I. Output (Transformer Coupled)
  • Ground Lift amd Transformer-Coupling
  • 1/4" Output
  • D.C. Input

Venue DI